Meat products

Rosé Veal

Our Rosé veal is also produced from animals bred and reared on our farm, and is a sought after high quality product, which is not widely available elsewhere.  This type of veal is ethically produced and should not be confused with white veal still produced in continental Europe. At Punchards Farm all our calves stay with their mothers and are reared to the highest welfare standards. Unlike continental veal calves, ours have freedom to roam, with access  to roughage and a nice straw bed. These conditions result in a very tender meat with a pink colour, and delicate flavour.
As we only have a small number of calves suitable for the production of this product in the course of a year, supply is limited, and it is therefore only available from time to time.
Each batch of veal includes a selection of steaks, escalopes, osso bucco, top rump joints, diced veal and mince, which can be collected fresh or frozen from the farm, indivdually vacuum packed.
 As with our A. Angus beef orders can be made up by arrangement

Aberdeen Angus Beef


All our animals are bred and reared here on our farm with the calves staying with their mothers for up to 9 months.  Incidently from conception to mataturity takes nearly 3 years.


All our animals are fed a natural diet spending the summer grazing the grass around the farm and in winter housed in straw bedded yards where they are fed on grass conserved as haylage produced on the farm.


Before butchering at Grange Farm, Woolpit, the sides of beef are hung for a minimum of three weeks. This maturation process contributes to the tenderness and superb eating quality of our beef.


An extensive range of steaks, joints, mince, burgers, etc. is available for collection fresh or frozen from the farm, individually vacuum packed.  


Large orders can be made up by arrangement.